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summer 2014

so a couple of days after the “hello again” post i ended up leaving for a bit as i went up to glasgow for a month to work at the commonwealth games. was working 12 hours a day for 7 days in a row for 3 weeks out of 4 (thats 84 hour weeks, not including communting time!) so didn’t really have time to do all the things i had originnally planned in my head. went to a whole bunch of museums / touristy places though in my days off so when i get round to sorting those photos will share those with you rather than icads. hope you all had a lovely summer too!

01-07-2014 hello again 1


Hello Again

01-07-2014 hello again

It has been quite a while since I last posted. A lot of things have changed in my life such as the people who are a part of it and the job I do – I have been working in the Library for a few months now and I have a beautiful niece as an addition to my family.

Thought I would take the ICAD challenge as a way to start posting again but never got round to it last month so I will try and start now. I haven’t attempted to draw or paint anything since last time so thought I’d try some simple lines to try and get me back into it. I used some newspaper clippings for the “hello again” collage & I used colouring pens to make the number “1” for the first day.

01-07-2014 1

Will try and do the ICADs daily, but may not always post daily… either way, I hope to be back on here a bit more than I have been :-)

Seal in Cornwall

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Metro News – Seal in Cornwall

Seal in Cornwall (1)

Seal in Cornwall (2)

Seal in Cornwall (3)

Can you point me to the sea? This seal was thrown over a 10m (30ft) sea wall by a violent storm in Cornwall.

You’ll have to seal it to believe it…
A bewildred seal looks forlornly at the camera after being dumped on a promenade by the power of one of the winter sotmrs that have battered Britain. The mammal was thrown 10m (30ft) over a sea wall in Penzance, Cornwall, and was found yesterday morning by photographer Adam Gibbard.

[ Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]
[ Page 3 for Source / Credits ]

Winnie The Pooh Baby

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Metro News – Winnie The Pooh Baby

Winnie The Pooh Baby (1)

Winnie The Pooh Baby (2)

Winnie The Pooh Baby (3)

Early learning: Venture Photography uses babies to recreate images from books such as Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter for National Storytelling Week.

[ Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]
[ Page 3 for Source / Credits ]

Chinese New Year

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Metro News – Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (1)

Chinese New Year (2)

Chinese New Year (3)

Intricate: Revellers ready for the Chinese new year twilight parade in George Street, Sydney.

Chinese take the reins of a new year.
New Years Eve may seem as distant as that resoultion to take up running, but many took the opportunity for another round of celebrations as the Chinese new year was welcomed in aroudn the world. Millions ushered in the new year of the horse with equine-themed decorations and parades in cities across the globe.

[ Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]
[ Page 3 for Source / Credits ]


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