The Somethingosaur a

The Somethingosaur by Tony Mitton / Russell Ayto. Where the dinosaurs roam a little creature hatches from an egg. This book goes on a little adventure where the creature tries to find its mother. My favourite part of the pictures in the book is when “He wanders the deserts, the swamps and the plains. He […]

Mayfly Day a

Mayfly Day by Jeanne Willis / Tony Ross. The Mayfly has one day to live. She flies around enjoying the beauty in everything around her – thankful for her wonderful life. She lives for each moment and it’s such a lovely thing.

again a

Again! by Emily Gravett. Cedrics bedtime, keeps asking mum to read his favourite book to him again and again until mum falls asleep herself. Cedric goes from green to being red like the one in the story his mum reads to him. Very cute illustrations – especially like the burnt page effect at the very […]

creepy monsters, sleepy monsters a

Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters by Jane Yolen / Kelly Murphy. Little monsters going to sleep. Very cute picture book, with a poem perfect for little kids at bedtime. Chose this book for the illustrations. The little monsters in it are absolutely adorable.


The Werepuppy by Jacqueline Wilson. Illustrations by Janet Robertson. Micky is terrified of dogs after watching a werewolf video with his sisters. His mum thinks the only way to cure this is to get him his very own puppy. He gets Wolfie – his very own werepuppy.


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