Photo 101 – Day 5 – Solitude

WP_20141108_14_17_29_Pro - square

(Day 5 was supposed to be posted on Friday, 7th November, 2014)

For the theme of Solitude I didn’t get any photos on the Friday, but at work the next day there was a kids birthday party…. I thought that this bouncy castle looks lonely with no one playing on it yet…


(didn’t take photo of a child playing, as it’s not appropriate to take photos of children that do not know)

Photo 101 – Day 4 – Bliss


(Day 4 was supposed to be posted on Thursday, 6th November, 2014)

For the theme of Bliss I was at the Asking Alexandria gig in the evening.

The venue was the roundhouse, and whilst I was in the crowd waiting for the bands to start I took a photo of the ceiling / lights and thought that that would be my photo of bliss (all those 1000s of people under one roof waiting patiently to see a band they love).


but then I was suprised that AA were actually using some pyrotechnics in their show. It was awesome & really added to the atmosphere. So instead the sparks photo is what my image of bliss is…


******* I will upload more photos from the gig another time…

Photo 101 – Day 3 – Water

P1090300 square

(Day 3 was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, 5th November, 2014)

For the theme of water would like to of gone to the river or a canal, but had various other things to do throughout the day & in the evening went to the Never Say Die 2014 Tour. My photo is from that gig, when Terror were playing – A couple of the water bottles they had…

The Tip for this task was to try both horizontally or vertically – as I was on the barrier of the show it is awkward to change the way the camera is so I just cropped it into the different ways instead..

P1090300 square

P1090300 horizontal

P1090300 vertical

Which version of the photo do you prefer?

******* I will upload more photos from the gig another time…

Photo 101 – Day 2 – Street

photo 101 day 2 street - square

I didn’t have the time today to go wandering to take photos like I wanted to. I wasn’t able to do anything in the morning as woke up with only just enough time to get ready and go to work, so had planned on going to take some snaps of the high street in my lunch break. I ended up actually going into the shops & ran out of time queuing (forgot about taking photos until i was rushing to get back to work). When the day finished it was so dark and raining lots, so I just went straight home. Pretty miserable day for taking photos really. To get a photo for today I just snapped this from my door step. It is literally my street.

photo 101 day 2 street