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Day 5 – Reception Area

(Work). I don’t want to lose this.

This drawing is me trying to get the hang of perspective. I haven’t actually drawn anything off the top of my head since college (roughly 6 years back) so that is why my ICAD cards are still quite simple. I am hoping as the days go on and I become more comfortable / confident in what I can do they will get better.

Here I have drawn the reception area at one of the building I work at. I move around a few different buildings, but the one I drew is the one I am mostly at. The reason I chose this as my subject is because they are starting the proper talks now about restructure at the company I work for. I think my position will stay ok, but still a bit nervous.

As you go in there is a door straight ahead to the corridor. On the right there is the reception desk where the receptionist is sat behind the glass, and on the left is the door to the main hall and some chairs with a notice board. There are lots of posters around on the walls on both sides, but I didn’t include these.

day 5 coloured

day 5 back  coloured

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]


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