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Day 6 – Bicycle

This is of my bike.

It’s an old childrens Racing Bike. The model is a Raleigh Arena.

I made it so the bars are upside down so I can sit in a more comfortable position rather than lean forward too much, and on the back I have a screw on Pannier with a box on the top for my luggage.

The bike is a lovely shade of blue, and I put on new tyres which are black with white wall. I changed the seat so rather than the original hard black one it had, I have a nice comfortable white one. I covered the handlebars in white cork tape which has bits of cork specks in it. My favourite part is that the pedals are made entirely of metal. My previous bicycle had plastic pedals which were awful because my feet would keep slipping if they were wet from rain, but none of that nonsense on this one.

day 6  coloured

day 6 back  coloured

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]


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