ICAD Challenge

Day 26 – Going In Circles

Had another back & forth day. So going in circles. Wasn’t sure what to draw so it was a bit of random lines.

day 26 - going in circles

day 26 back

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]


5 thoughts on “Day 26 – Going In Circles

  1. is this a new format to your blog? i love it! you are keeping up with the challenge way better then i am! and i love your variety of colors and styles… lots of stripes, and i love the black that breaks it up! :)

    1. by format do you mean the blogs layout? if so thanks! i changed it because i much prefer having a grid so it feels more like a gallery than a blog (if that makes any sense).

      i find making the cards each day for the challenge is easy because as there are no rules so they are all simple. i find that the challenge is actually being able to find enough time to get on the computer to post them!

      thankyou so much! i have been a bit limited on what materials i can use due to the no space to work in, but am still really enjoying it all! :-)

      1. yes, sorry i did mean your blog format. it is nice to be able to see everything at once…
        i like the idea of limiting supplies… i think sometimes it makes it easier… but i can see how some times it would present more of a challenge too… yeah, posting is sometimes a hassle… especially when you wanna put them on your blog, and or facebook/instagram…
        i am glad you are still enjoying it (that is the point, right? to get back to enjoying the art? :) ) i am too, when i get a minute… we have a 3 day weekend here this weekend, so maybe i can make a few… =D

        1. i agree with that too, because with how these cards are so small not a lot needs to be really used for them anyway.

          awesome, i hope you enjoy your long weekend!

          looking forward already to seeing what you come up with ;-)

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