ICAD Challenge

Day 41 – Diamond

Spent the morning before work dashing around through all these different shops trying to find a plain black cap in preperation for security work the next day. All I could find that was closet to it was a black and bright blue one – I ended up doing a DIY job and covering the blue with some of the cloth from where I had cut my trousers shorter so they fit me.

day 41 - diamond

day 41 back

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]


3 thoughts on “Day 41 – Diamond

  1. you have been busy! i am really enjoying seeing the cards you are creating! i got sucked into 2 new classes last week, and another this week, so i am really being pulled under, so that might be it for me, but at least i still get to enjoy seeing what others create! :)

    1. thankyou :-) i haven’t been exploring as much as i thought i would be at this stage in the challenge but i am just finding it useful to keep little notes of what made that day a little different from another.

      i enjoy seeing your post – to be honest, it actually leaves me wanting to see much more! but i do understand there is not enough time really.

      either way, thanks again for passing through – i hope you will enjoy my future ones too, i hope to post some later tonight or tomorrow :-)

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