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Field Of Dreams

24-08-2013 Field Of Dreams

The Disney Planes movie came out here last week on the 16th and my sister took me to the cinema to watch it on the 18th (Sunday. I absolutely adore aeroplanes so of course I loved it. All the character are so cute – I wish I could afford to buy all the models & cuddle plane plushies fom the Disney Store!!

I also went to some gigs…
16 Aug – Home Advantage, Nathan Detroit, Boston Manor, As It Is @ Our Black Heart
17 Aug – Torche, The Jerks, Fat Goth @ garage
20 Aug – Bad Religion, Arcane Roots @ Koko
22 Aug – Gallows, The Hell, Rough Hands @ Macbeth
(photos from these shows will be uploaded in future once i get round to sorting them out)

My image for this weeks entry is a mix up of all the above events (Planes in sky / Torche rainbow / Home Advantage EP cover ….)

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]


2 thoughts on “Field Of Dreams

  1. i do love the way you do your airplanes. i am not good at them at all (but i guess i have never practiced…) what did you use on this page? markers? paint?
    and was the movie that good? anything like cars? cause i loved that one…

    1. thanks. with planes i just do a circle then add the nose and tail. the ones in this are similar to the characters from planes (i didn’t do them exactly the same cos I don’t want any copyright problems!).

      i use cheap childrens paint pallette for most of it, which are watercolours (but cos they’re cheap the colours don’t blend too well together and the colours are mostly solid). I use some ‘proper’ watercolours for the background / base colours. so basically this whole page is done with water colour paints, & a marker pen for the outlines.

      Planes movie is awesome! Yes, it is very similar to cars… in fact what would be people are Cars – the cars are people (if that makes sense). It’s so cool, I have always had a bit of an obsession with aeroplanes so may be a bit biased, but either way reckon it is definately worth a watch! :-D

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