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No Love

16-09-2013 No Love

As you can see, I am not very creative at the moment. This week Watercolour Art Journal entry is a mix-up of the logos from the bands I saw on Friday & Saturday night.

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]


2 thoughts on “No Love

  1. Ya know what? this is kinda weird, but i am sitting here, and i am catching up on your posts from this last week, and I am feeling kind of proud of you! (or rather, you should be proud of yourself). I remember first meeting you at the beginning of the summer, and the cards you were doing for ICAD. and you know what? your stuff this week is WORLDS ahead of any of those cards! you have grown so much as an artist these last few months (i am in awe!). and i am so pleased you have kept a record of your progress. i bet if you go back and look at some of your older stuff, you will have some real “wow!” moments. I love what you are doing, and where you are going with your art journal, but my favorites really have to be your daily news drawings. and i really appreciate the time and effort to show us all the steps, as well as the original clipped articles. You are making great works my friends, and look forward to seeing your progress in the next few months =D

    1. Thankyou so much. Reading this comment from you really made my day so much better. In regards to the bitesize news thing I am glad I started it because it forces me to make some time everyday to actually pay attention to whatever random happenings there are in the world that day (well what the reporters pay attention to anyway). It is so easy to stop caring / get wrapped up in your on little world so what I am really trying to do is make sense of what is going on around me. No idea what the future will hold for this project, but I hope you will continue to enjoy what I am able to share.

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