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GTA V Plane

20-09-2013 gta v plane

20-09-2013 gta v plane back

Grand Theft Auto V *****

[ Go To Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]

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SOURCE: Metro Newspaper

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6 thoughts on “GTA V Plane

    1. thankyou, really appreciate that.

      well, the way the i start is i draw the first thing that grabbed my attention originally in the picture & then draw everything else around it – i think that would explain how i do the proportions… sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn’t.

      if everything doesn’t fit it’s ok though because where i started with the main part of the image i liked, i don’t mind that there may be other bits not quite right.

      i use my water colour paints for these pictures because that’s what i’m most comfortable with for adding colour, but sometimes i think maybe it would have been better if i just left them as a sketch (that is another reason why i always take the wip / stepbystep pics so i can keep track of what i like / don’t like about a particular image & how i got there)

      sorry for making this long… hopefully that all makes sense!

      1. No! Long is good… I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a detailed answer… you have a lot of great tips, and I am definitely going to print them out so i remember, and am going to sit down and try this tonight! I have about 6 pictures to choose from by now! hehe! Don’t know about me and the watercolors, think I may start with colored pencils or markers, but we will see where the muse leads ;) I especially like the idea of starting with the ‘eye catching’ part. the rest is superfluous (I think that is the word I am looking for) anyway, right? :) thx again my friend. :)

        1. I look forward to seeing what you end up with.

          depending on what image you are doing, markers would be best for strong bold colours whereas colouring pencils would be better for blending colours together.

          i had never heard anyone use that word before (superfluous) so had to look up what it meant…. gotta agree and say you are definitely right on that! :-)

  1. i probably wouldn’t know either, but my mum used to use big words a lot … the odd few actually stuck ;)
    i may have to try all 3, and see what I like best! :)
    again, thx for your help …

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