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September Summary


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I have enjoyed doing daily paintings from the newspaper this way & intend to continue this into October. Do not think I will be able to do it daily as I have been in September, but I will try to as much as possible.


5 thoughts on “September Summary

  1. You know what? i was always impressed with this news bites. you know that. but now seeing that they are tiny on index cards, you just launched yourself to a new level! I thought these were in a big sketchbook or something! so well done my friend, so well done! (sorry i have been MIA a week or so, i have been in bed with a cold/flu for a while. hopefully I am back though… :) )

    1. i did them on index cards as a continuation of the ICAD challenge :-P i like working on the small size because it is easy to carry around blank cards & when at work i can just do something real quick :-) hope you are much better now… look forward to your next posts… at the moment i am not going to be painting / posting much as i am attending a business class for 2 weeks… will be back before you know it though… :-D

  2. I like your point on the size. I never really think of that, as i don’t leave the house much, but you are right! i have a mini sketch pad I carry. I think i knew this was a continuation, but i thought it was more about the art, not the art and the size…. I hope your business class is productive, and informative. Even if it’s not much fun… I am feeling much better thank you, and I am counting down to your return! :)

    1. i am getting a lot of inspiration from the other people attending the class – it is so cool…. i am really really excited about all the different possibilities / options the future holds ;-D

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