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Evening Standard News – Tahir Square Silhouette

Tahir Square Silhouette (1)

Tahir Square Silhouette (2)

Tahir Square Silhouette (3)

Military power: a supporter of the new constitution gestures in front of a statue of Eygypt’s former army chief of staff, Abel Moneium Riad, near Tahir square.

Egypt voters set to back Morsi’s removal after ‘high turnout’ in poll.
Egypt could hold new presidential elections in April as early indicators suggested today that its people had backed a new constitution.
The Arab world’s most populated country completed a referendum last night with government officials claiming a high turnout and voters expected to endorse the removal of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.
The vote was marred by clashes in which protesters burned tyres and pelted police with rocks and firebombs. Officials said 11 people had died. But demonstrations were relitively small following a security crackdown in recent months. More than 400 people were arrested during the two-day vote.

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