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Metro News – Kiev Demonstrator

Kiev Demonstrator (1)

Kiev Demonstrator (2)

Kiev Demonstrator (3)

Clashes: A demonstrator wields a chain and riot police shield.

Streets of rage erupt in flames.
On one side, rows and rows of heavily armed police line up, riot shields held before them, helmets on. Many carry shotguns capable of firing damaging rubber bullets.
Facing them is the angry mob, armed with petrol bombs, bricks, and anything it can use as a weapon. Many wear motorbike helmets, saucepans and even colanders as protection.
Weeks of sporadic clashes reached a new fervour yesterday as police tried to break up a protest cam[ in the Ukraine capital of Kiev.

[ Page 2 for WIP / Step-by-step Pics ]
[ Page 3 for Source / Credits ]


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