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Metro News – Wet Sleddale Resevoir

Wet Sleddale Resevoir (1)

Wet Sleddale Resevoir (2)

Wet Sleddale Resevoir (3)

Wall of water: THe aptly names Wet Sleddale resevoir in Cumbria overflows its 21m (69ft) high dam to the delight of a child.

Don’t forget your umbrella – it’s going to be miserable well into next month.
It’s dam cold and wet.
A cold blast was set to hit Britain last night as forecasters issued a warning for ice and snow. What’s possibly worse is that there is no prolonged dry spell in sight for the next two weeks.
Flooding is set to continue as more heavy rain has been forecast for southern England – with the Environmental Agency issuing more than 100 flood alerts and ten flood warnings in the region.
Gale-force winds are set to pummel northern Scotland and tomorrow the south-east is set for a deluge, with the Met Office issuing yellow warnings for Hampshire, Suffolk and Kent. It’s oredicts that already saturated areas could get another 25mm (1in) of rain.

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