Photo 101 – Day 1 – Home

I am going to attempt to do the photography 101 challenge this month. The first topic they set for the tasks is home.

Going about my day I tried to think of what home is to me, and where I feel most comfortable.

I took a few photos around Stratford where I went to the library to pick up a reservation, and went to the shops (had no work in day – evening shift instead).  I took some of the bus shelter, the crossing between the old shopping center and westfields, the boats artwork statue from the olympics, and some of the lights.

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I realised to me home is riding down the Greenway on my bicycle.



One thought on “Photo 101 – Day 1 – Home

  1. i had snapped a nice picture of a cyclist coming straight towards me in the greenway shot, but i prefer this one of the man walking with an umbrella as it means the photo is not overcrowded & it’s more of the place than of the person

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