Hello 2015

2015 e

I just stitched up a quick little index card to start 2015. Haven’t drawn or anything for a while now, so didn’t want to waste time trying to make anything fancy hence the very simple numbers. I wrote on the back of the card some of the stuff I want to do in 2015, as shown below, but ran out of space for more things. Maybe I will write another card tomorrow / later today. Either way, I definitely want to keep a sort of index card journal this year as it is the most convenient / easiest way of recording things for me & I will try to post on here as much as I can.

2015 c

Not sure how easy it is to read my writing, so here is it typed out:

Things I want to do in 2015. In the new year I want to sew at least one index card a week. I may do more than that – but I want to do at least one every week. I also want to paint more & maybe start making cards again for other people. I want to take more photos of things that I like rather than just always be in a rush & let it slide past so that I can remember always rather than it just being a forgotten moment. I want to edit all my old photos & post up those that have never been seen before. I want to read more daily / regularly. I want to cycle more. I want to get more work.

I started off the new year by watching the London fireworks on the TV. Below is a pic I got off the TV screen… Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year!
2015 d


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